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Selling is just a few taps away.

Snap a pic, post a listing, and message buyers all from one intuitive app.

Quick setup and .edu verification

Sell locally or ship to other campuses

Trade with other students like you

Student DiscountsFrom local businesses around your campus

Get access to student exclusive discounts

rumie students get access to student exclusive discounts from local and national businesses around their campus.

Rent dresses from  other students.

Wear a new dress every weekend! Just rent it directly from a student on your campus.

Make money off of the dresses you've already worn

rumie rental guarantee ensures your dress won't be damaged

Find a new dress every weekend and save money

Student Tickets. The only place to buy student tickets at student prices

Buy or Sell students Football and Basketball tickets with your campus

rumie students get access to the first-ever student ticket marketplace. No more getting scammed trying to buy tickets from strangers on the internet.

College has never been better.

Get everything done from the comfort and familiarity of your phone.


.edu authentication and buyer protection on purchases.


Post your first listing in under a minute.

Verified Students

Trade with other students, not strangers.


List an item in a few simple steps. Message sellers with ease.

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Trusted by students.

Saves me money

Facebook Marketplace and Amazon are great but often times you have to drive a long way to meet up or pay for shipping. rumie let’s me know what is available at my school… literally at walking distance.

5 stars!

Having this app as a freshman is great! It makes buying and selling things so safe and easy! Much more efficient than other buy/sell platforms!


5 stars for being simple, organized, safe, and a great way to buy and sell in your college community.. much more effective than posting on Facebook or Instagram!

The BEST marketplace for college students!!!

Once rumie got to my campus, I was excited to see what is has to offer! Not only is it safe for students like me, but the app just has a great feel and is really easy to use. The ONLY place I’ll be buying and selling while I’m a student.

Easier to navigate than GroupMe or Instagram.

Forget clothing instas, selling groupme's, and stress when buying and selling. Do it all from the rumie app.