About Us

After a scare using Facebook Marketplace his freshman year of College, Tanner McCraney had the idea for a college ONLY marketplace. This would be a platform where students would not have to worry about dangerous individuals or scammers while buying and selling items online and in their campus community. It would be the perfect accessory for anyone's college experience.

He took the idea to Patrick Phillips, a long time friend with a proven track record in the start-up space. Together, the two bootstrapped development, marketing, and fundraising until they created what is now known as the largest college marketplace in the country.

While amazing progress has been made, the newly formed "rumie team" tirelessly works to expand across the nation. Their goal is to eventually launch worldwide until all college students are aware of rumie and how it can keep them safe while maximizing their college experience.

Meet the Team

Tanner McCraney
Revenue / Growth
Patrick Phillips
Operations / Product
Caki Field
Recruiting / Special Programs